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Every Ferrari is forged from racing. Without question the most respected brand at any track is Ferrari. At Exotics racing® you can take your pick from Ferrari’s incredible 458 Italia, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, or the classic Ferrari F430 F1. Drive one or all of these of these supercars at Exotics Racing, only 20 minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip or 40 min From Downtown LA. Drive them to the max with 1-on-1 coaching from our professional racing instructors.
Ferrari F430 F1
Drive a Ferrari F430 F1

From $299 / 5 laps

Ferrari 458 Italia
Drive a Ferrari 458 Italia

From $399 / 5 laps

Drive a Ferrari 488
Drive a Ferrari 488 GTB

From $449 / 5 laps

Drive a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Drive a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

From $499 / 5 laps

Is one not enough?


Ferrari F430 F1

Ferrari F430 F1
  • 198 MPH
  • 490 HP
  • 3.9 s
  • 200,000 $
A true racing classic by every stretch of the imagination, the Ferrari 430 F1 delivers 490 horsepower with a 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and completes the 1/4 mile in 11.9 seconds. This Formula 1 inspired supercar is easy to drive while delivering enough excitement to last a lifetime.

Tips From A Pro

A childhood dream come true
"Since I was a child, I always dreamed about driving a red Ferrari. The 430 has a special place in my heart because it was one of the first Ferraris I ever drove on track and it made me a Ferrari lover! The paddles are big and easy to use, the shifts are quick but still very smooth, and the F430 makes a wonderful noise that just rings through the cabin."
Romain Thievin
Available At: lvms fronticon Exotics Racing Auto Club Speedway

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 202 MPH
  • 562 HP
  • 3.3 s
  • 270,000 $
The Ferrari 458 Italia reigns at the top of the Ferrari supercar kingdom. Producing 562 hp with 398ft-lbs of torque, the newest and most sophisticated Ferrari ever made resides in a class all of its own. Combined with stunning beauty and superior handling, the Ferrari 458 Italia delivers style and grace unmatched by any of its predecessors.

Tips From A Pro

"Very exciting to drive"
"The Ferrari 458 Italia is a personal favorite of mine, as well as the majority of the instructors in the staff. The car has a very light steering wheel, very fast shifting and an awesome V8 engine. This makes the 458 both very easy to drive and very exciting when approaching the limit."
Romain Thievin
Available At: Exotics Racing Auto Club Speedway lvms fronticon Arizona Motorsport Park Utah Motorsport Campus

Ferrari 488 GTB

Drive a Ferrari 488
  • 205 MPH
  • 660 HP
  • 3.0 s
  • 330,000 $
The fastest car around our track! Pure pleasure to drive, the new Ferrari 488 GTB is the successor to the already mind-blowing 458, the new berlinetta is faster and more agile, with a refined active aerodynamics package and nearly 100 horsepower more from its turbocharged V8.

Tips From A Pro

The fastest car around our track!
Pure pleasure to drive, the new Ferrari 488 GTB is now the fastest car around our track. The successor to the already mind-blowing 458, the new berlinetta is faster and more agile, with a refined active aerodynamics package and nearly 100 horsepower more from its turbocharged V8.
Romain Theivin
Available At: lvms fronticon

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Drive a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
  • 211 MPH
  • 731 HP
  • 3.0 s
  • 400,000 $
The list of front-engined, V12 Ferraris that ascended from great to legendary is long and illustrious. Add to the list the F12 Berlinetta. Until Ferrari’s latest hypercar, the La Ferrari, was released, the F12 was the most powerful Ferrari ever built.

Tips From A Pro

For the Ferrari Purist
Any car that has over 700 horsepower demands respect. But, the Ferrari F12 is such a well designed and advanced car that driving it around the racetrack is both a pleasure and a thrill. Like all current Ferraris, the F12 enjoys being driven fast. The feedback through the steering wheel, the urgency of the engine, the speed of the gear shifts and the confidence under braking are everything a driver needs while on the racetrack. Plus, there’s the sound of that magnificent V12 in front of you.
Romain Thievin
Available At: lvms fronticon

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From the VIP Concierge Service and private business lounge access to dedicated one-on-one coaching, personalize your unforgettable VIP experience with us.

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Choose one or several supercars then select your add-ons to customize your experience.

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Exotics Racing provides groups a unique venue to host a top-level event for your corporate or personal guests. Our dedicated team is at your disposal to help you build an incomparable event.

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Looking for an exciting gift? Select as many supercars you want from our fleet and build an all-inclusive adrenaline fueled package.

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Our team of racing hosts will guide you through the entire experience

Arrival And Registration
Arrival and registration 15 min
We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your driving session, be sure to have your valid driver's license as well. Once you're checked-in feel free to visit the pitlane to take pictures or relax in the lounge area until your classroom session begins.
Technical Briefing
Technical briefing 30 min
Learn the most efficient techniques for driving on our racetrack. The interactive technical briefing will introduce you to our track and proper driving procedures. Later you will be paired with an instructor who will help you get the most out of your driving experience while remaining safe.
Discovery Lap
Discovery lap 30 min
Ride as a passenger in order to get a preview of our racetrack. The Discovery Laps are driven at moderate speed in order to explain each braking zone, apex, and acceleration zone. This allows you to become familiar with the racetrack as well as how your body will react to the turns.
Driving Experience
Driving experience from 5 to 200 laps
Get behind the wheel of a powerful supercar on our racetrack! Your personal racing instructor will help you get the absolute most out of your driving experience. The timing will vary in time depending on how many cars and/or laps you are doing. If applicable, the drift car ride-along will occur after you finish driving.
Check Out
Check out 30 min
After completion, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. You may choose to purchase the on-board video from your driving experience. The on-board video captures you in the driver's seat, track position, display your speed, top speed, and your fastest lap time.
DRESS Comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes required.
No racing suits are required. Open-toe shoes, sandals, and high-heels are not allowed. Close-toe shoes will be provided to anyone who does not have proper footwear.
DRIVER LICENSE Driver's license from any state or country required. Must be 18+.
Your driver’s license can be issued from any state or country. Drivers must be at least 18 years old. Ride-along passengers must be tall enough to safely sit in the passenger seat of the car while properly wearing the car’s standard seatbelt.
HELMETS & INSURANCEHelmets are provided on track at no cost. Insurance is included.
You must properly wear your helmet throughout the entire time in the car as a driver and passenger. Helmets are provided at no cost and all standard helmet sizes are available.
DRIVING CENTER Stunning Driving Center with premium facilities and panoramic viewing terrace.
The brand-new EXR Driving Center is a state-of-art 14,000 square feet of hospitality space and provides premium services with private café, relaxing lounges and VIP area. Drivers and guests can watch the supercars on track from the panoramic rooftop terrace with an astonishing view on the whole racetrack.
FRIENDS AND FAMILY Friends and family are welcome to join you at the racetrack.
You and your guests may take as many pictures and videos as you want while remaining safely off of the track and flow of traffic in and out of pit lane.
  • dress Comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes required.
  • Driver License Driver’s license from any state or country required. Must be 18+
  • Helmets & Insurance Helmets are provided on track at no cost. Insurance is included
  • Driving Center Driving Center with premium facilities and panoramic viewing terrace.
  • friends and family Friends and family are welcome to join you at the racetrack.

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Check out our photo gallery and some of the amazing moments from last weekends EXR Racing Series race! #EXRSeries #EXRLV02 #Motorsport
Exotics Racing at Exotics Racing.
Roll into the weekend by driving this beast the Lamborghini Aventador and it's 700 hp of pure power. #Exoticsracing #Lamborghini #Aventador

Victoria’s Secret Model Taylor Hill visits Exotics Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to get a feel for the Original Driving Experience in Las Vegas. In celebration of her 21st birthday, Taylor and her Victoria’s Secret friends Lais Ribeiro, Jasmine Tookes and Romee Stijd had some fun in our supercars this past Saturday.
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Exotics Racing is going on tour and will be available very soon in Phoenix AZ at the Arizona Motorsports Park and in Salt Lake City UT at the Utah Motorsports Campus. Therefore the Exotics Racing’s team of experts will travel with our incredible fleet of supercars to a different city every month to provide you with The Original Driving Experience from Las Vegas.
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Arizona Motorsports Park on the city’s western edge will host a fleet of exotic supercars and drivers who wish to experience their amazing performance on April 29-30, June 17-18 and again on October 14-15, 2017. No previous high performance driving experience is necessary.
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On behalf of the entire Exotics Racing team, we would like to thank for presenting us with the 2016 Choice Award. As the leading experts in all things Las Vegas, is the only online travel agency in the world that truly pushes the boundaries of service not only for themselves but for the companies they support.
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Kids Receive toys
From November 29th to December 12th, Exotics Racing donated a portion from every driving or ride-along experience booked online. In a joint effort with LVMPD Spring Valley Community Oriented Policing, Exotics Racing brought the holiday cheer to those who are less fortunate at this year’s Holiday Festival that took place December 15th at Clark High School.
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Farrari F-12
Exotics Racings newest addition to their fleet the Ferrari f12 berlinetta is now available for bookings in Las Vegas. The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the most powerful and highest performance front-engine Ferrari ever made. That’s quite a statement when considering the long, and legendary, list of front-engine V12 cars to come from Ferrari.
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