supercar driving experience

Choose from the world’s largest fleet of supercars and drive them with a professional instructor on the fastest and safest racetrack in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Every driving package is designed to deliver a fast and thrilling experience.

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Racing School & HPDE

Our professional in-house race team provides drivers at all levels with a complete racing program to sharpen their track skills. Book now and become a real racecar driver. Available with a supercar or the EXR LV02 racecar.

racing school hpde


Adrenaline seekers? Step into the passenger seat of our supercars. Let our professional drifter taking you on a high speed ride along in the car of your choice. The ride-along is fast, safe, and outrageously fun!

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EXR Racing series


Race the best racetracks with our exclusive EXR LV02 racecars. Designed for amateur racers and professional teams as well as young drivers, the endurance and sprint spec-series are the ideal way to race. We take care of all the details so you can enjoy the drive.

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Supercar Community


Only our top clients are welcome to join our VIP membership with exclusive offers for drivers who have spent more than $1,000 at Exotics Racing throughout the year.
As a member you will have access to our luxury private lounge during your visit. Our concierge service will also provide you unique opportunities and high-end driving experiences at both of our locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
— From $1,000 to $1,990 spent per driver.
If you are passionate about fast cars and extreme experiences then get ready with this VIP Titanium access to our facilities and experience our first class service.
You will receive a dedicated phone number to book your reservation and for any assistance in preparation of your activity.
You and your guest will be pampered in our VIP lounge, with complimentary snacks and beverages.
Enjoy your experience with priority access at registration check-in, private discovery lap, and access to pit lane.
It will only make you faster behind the wheel of our supercars.
Go home with an experience and memory that lasts a lifetime with a complimentary shirt or hat.
  • Concierge Service.
  • VIP Lounge access for you and one guest.
  • Fast Track pass.
  • Complimentary shirt or hat.
— From $2,000 to $4,990 spent per driver.
Do you want be a top-tier racer for the day? Receive a private guided tour behind the scenes of Exotics Racing with your personal driving instructor who will be dedicated to you during your entire experience.
Racing gear will also be at your disposal through our Concierge Service.
You and two additional guests will receive VIP lounge access, where you can relax and recharge in between your exciting driving experiences. Private download meeting with your instructor helps sharpen your skills on track, the same way professional drivers train to improve their lap times.
Not fast enough for you? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. With your membership you will receive priority access during your check in and during your full experience.
Your guest can join you for your high speed discovery lap, driven by an instructor, the purpose of the Discovery Lap is to help familiarize you with our track and brake points.
  • Concierge Service.
  • VIP Lounge access for you and one guest.
  • Racing gear.
  • Fast Track pass.
  • Private coach and download meeting.
  • One complimentary on-board video.
  • Complimentary shirt and hat.
  • Available in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
— From $4,990 spent per driver.
You have been dreaming about this moment since you were a kid. Now live it to its maximum.
Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLaren, Audi and more; our VIP Diamond members get access to the entire fleet.
VIP Diamond members are picked up at their hotel. Or upgrade, and schedule a helicopter flight with our Concierge Service.
No need to wait at the registration, you’ll enter directly through our VIP lounge- just like Michelle Rodriguez when she comes to drive. VIP Diamond members can also bring two guests to share that exclusive moment with you.
Relax while checking in with your personal driving instructor who is your all access pass to the Ultimate Driving Experience at Exotics Racing. The driving instructor will remain with you during your entire experience, in the car as well as during your private briefing and car data download meetings.
Discover the EXR Racing Series workshop where the racecars get ready before a race and train your skills on our professional racing simulator, complete with a mock-up of our racetracks.
And after all that, you will also experience our high speed drifting ride-along experience complete with one on-board video.
  • Concierge Service.
  • VIP Entrance.
  • Lounge access for you and one guest.
  • Racing gear.
  • Fast Track pass.
  • Private coach.
  • Private briefing and download meetings.
  • One complimentary on-board video.
  • One drifting ride-along offered.
  • Complimentary shirt and hat.
  • EXR Racing Series workshop private visit.
  • Driving simulator session.
  • Available in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
Guests can qualify for an EXR VIP Memberships up to 12 months after their last purchase.
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