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04/22/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Heidi

What a blast!! The entire staff was super friendly and the experience was one of a kind!

04/17/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Mani

Great staff, awesome experience and a definitely must do! highly recommend the ride along drifting portion!

04/19/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Robert, California, United States

My fiancée always has trouble finding a gift that I would absolutely love, because she has already purchased me all my technology gifts. When she purchased this for me I knew I was going to have a good time because I am a huge car enthusiast, but when I got there with my family (around 10 people) the experience was mind blowing. Approaching the speedway, I felt bad that all my guest were going to watch me drive my Aston Martin, and they would just sit in the stands waiting for me. I was wrong, the staff encouraged my family to sit in the exotic cars, take pictures, and have fun. My family was overjoyed because they were able to look inside the vehicles and walk around where the cars were parked.

When I got behind the wheel of the Aston Martin was my dream, and the instructor helped out tremendously to get through the track.

I plan on going back very soon because the experience was superb, everyone one of my family members says they had a great time as well. Overall, it is a great experience and cannot wait to go back to drive another vehicle.

04/11/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Bill

Honestly, pushing a Ferrari Italia or Lamborghini Huracan around this track is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. But beyond the roster of kick-ass cars and a track that's designed be as unintimidating or as challenging as you like it, what really makes the experience is the instructors. They push you to the limit (but not over) your capabilities, so by the end of the session you're driving a helluva lot faster than you ever imagined. I can see flying out to Vegas once a year to do this. Who needs casinos when you've got 600 horses breathing fire up your butt...

04/17/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Michael

Absolutely fantastic. I've been wanting to do this for years, and finally got the chance.
Can't wait to do it again! I'm hooked!
Great instructors, very professional and well run processes, super fun.
Kenny in particular was a great instructor for me - the GT3 is the BEST!!!

05/01/2012 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Tyler

I had the opporitunity to drive the 458. It was amazing well worth the time and money. Staff was wonderful and helpful. Cant wait to go back.

03/25/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / scott

This was an awesome experience. I loved being able to choose my own car combination and not be limited to just a few choices. The instructors are great and very helpful. I appreciated how they help to get you to your highest limits.
Would definitely do it again when back in Vegas

04/18/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Charles

The Staff and Driving Instructor were great. I highly recommend Exotics Racing to anyone who wants to experience the thrill of racing in a safe and friendly environment. Will definitely be back for more.

04/20/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / John

This is the 4th time i have come from Australia to race these cars. this time i brought 5 mates. As usual it was very professional and created a great atmosphere. I and the mates enjoyed it, was fantastic, staff and cars you couldnt ask for better.

See you next Year.....

04/17/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Greg

Fantastic driving experience. Driving instruction before the laps was simple clear and concise. The instructors were patient, helpful and gave great feedback. Overall I would do this all again but spend more for more laps.

04/04/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Corey

Very satisfied customer from Australia if i return to Vegas I will be making a visit back to exotics racing no questions asked. great day very prefesional operation. :)

04/18/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Bryan, California, United States

this is a must do
can't wait to go back
Kenny was my instructor and he was awesome, we passed 6+ cars in 8 laps

04/18/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Jonathan

My son was a little tentative when he first got into the Ferrari. After several laps and with a lot of advice relative to correcting the mistakes he was making, he was able to go faster and faster. He may have stopped after the first ride simply because he was struggling with the strategy of executing the turns while gaining speed. However, his instructor kept him going and it was a great confidence boost for my son.

Nice job.

Keith London

04/18/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Jennifer, Texas, United States

We had a blast! I suprised my husband while we were in Vegas. He was so excited. The team was great and intructors were very nice and patient with the cars he drove. I even took a ride with BoMac the professional driftet. It was Exciting. It gets your Adeneline going.Awsome time! We will be back!

04/17/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Steve

I took my two sons(age 39 and 37) to the track and rented Ferraris for all of us. The smiles on all our faces told the story. Unforgettable experience. Great operation and I would highly recommend it.

03/31/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Chris

Great variety of cars,instructors always encouraging you do better, ie go faster within your ability. This was my 3rd time at Exotics Racing and the experience was awesome. Chris from Australia.

04/13/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Ames

This was a very good experience. Everyone was professional and welcoming. There were absolutely no surprises regarding details like insurance. It is a comfortable facility. Overall, a very well run operation.

04/10/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Cortney

This was a life-time experience, being able to drive cars that I could never own. The ride-along was very professional and allowed me to experience the cars to their max in a professional and safe atmosphere.
The experience was amazing! Thank you for making it available. Cort Decker

04/12/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Johanes

My driving experience is always good with Exotics Racing. This time i went with 5 cars. Gtr nissan for 7 laps for warming up, and then 12 laps on Corvette, 14 laps each on Porche GT3, porsche turbo and Huracan. I want to say thank you to all of my instructors on that day Mike for letting me pushed the nissan from the begining, Chris for believing in my driving, and especially Josh Burdon for really pushed me very hard and gave attention to the small details of my bad driving technique and tried to fixed it. I always left exotics racing with big smile because I always learned something overthere. I will definitely come back again next time. I wish I book the gt3 and huracan each for 20 laps, not 14 laps ..

04/09/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Ryan

My instructor Chris was was perfect at conveying what he need me to do in order to stay safe and have fun. I will make a return trip from TN to drive your cars again.

04/11/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Brett

This was well worth the price, and the car was amazing! I drove the F430 and it was everything I had ever dreamed! I also got the ride along in the Corvette with their tame racing driver/drifter which was so freakin awesome! You know they love their jobs when the laugh and scream around the track with you! I wish I could be there every weekend.

04/09/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Patrick

Great time. Second time in vegas both times went racing. Will be there next time in vegas for more laps at Exotic Racing.

04/11/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Bob

You guys totally exceeded my expectations. I expected it to be more of a go fast driving experience. I was hoping for a full on see what you can do with these machines in a real race track environment experience. It was all that and More!! I drove the Porsche 991 GT3, the Ferrari 458 Italia, and the new Corvette ZO6. It's obvious these guys are pro racers. These guys are providing real race method instruction, if you listen to these guys you'll drive these cars the way they were designed to be driven...if you have it in you to do so. They will push you to find your limits if that is what you want do all while keeping things very safe. I can testify to this because I was a licensed motorcycle roadracer for over 10 years. Every aspect from registration to orientation, was world class service. Awesome job guys and gals, if you are thinking about doing this, stop thinking and go for it. Special thanks to Kye & Josh, my instructors. Now my wife's worried I want to start racing again.

04/08/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Alex

I have been a Porsche fanatic since I was a kid and this experience let me drive 3 of Germany's best flat out around a race track. It doesn't get any better than that. The entire experience was top tier, from the people, to the car, and the facility. I will be back to Exotics Racing. I am still smiling a week later!

04/12/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Larry

It was the by far the best race track experience I have ever had, amazing cars, great instructures, super professional team. I would strongly recommend exotics racing, it's an amazing experience.

04/11/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Juli

My boyfriend bought this experience for me as a birthday surprise and he selected the Ferrari 430F1 based on reviews of it being smooth and handling best. It was excellent. I own a sports car so I was happy to drive something more 'race car worthy' than my own vehicle. The Ferrari (red, of course) was raw and strong and felt like the race car I had always wanted to drive. I felt safe the entire time at Exotics Racing. Training was great and the pro who took me on the track was excellent and made it fun as he explained everything thoroughly. They said the first round of laps got you comfortable with the road, and they were right. I floored it the final 2 laps. The car handled great! Then again it was a Ferrari - I hoped it would be worth it's value. It did not disappoint. Bucket List item complete. A real thrill!

04/11/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Gilbert

My instructor was terrific and my experience one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. I was initially scared of the speed of the Ferrari Italia but the instructor got me to relax and put the gas all the way down.
Thanks again for a tremendous experience. I will return!

04/04/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Robert

Kudos to Exotics Racing for delivering a fabulous driving experience at a fair price. My son and I had a blast and are already talking about "next time."

04/07/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / John

Fantastic experience from start to finish. Everyone at Exotics Racing were so helpful and enthusiastic. Drove the Ferrari F430 and special mention to my driver Mauricio, he was absolutely awesome and made my experience so much more enjoyable. Highly recommend this to anyone.

04/09/2015 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Ken

Great time. Josh was great in the car and his instruction made the day that much better.

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