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09/19/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Michael

When I got there I was very nervous and as soon as I walked in the doors I was put at ease.Was treated like I was VIp my driving instructors were buddy and Jeff they made my driving experience one I will never forget thank you to everyone. I am looking forward to my next drive.

09/19/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Dean, California, United States

What a fantastic Christmas gift from my wife. 5 laps each in 3 awesome cars. Great driving instructors. Allthe staff are friendly, smiling and helpful.Fun track too.

09/14/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Earl

A great way to spend a day in Las Vegas area. Exotics Racing is a very professional organization that I would highly recommend to people of any experience level.

09/13/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Darryl

I did specifically ask for a fun upbeat instructor and though I don't think they really pay attention to that - you just get whoever is assigned to the car - we totally lucked out. Buddy was the perfect personality for my boyfriend. It was a surprise gift and he really made it excellent for him. I can't see anybody else being better than that guy. He was fantastic at giving direction and also warning Darryl if there was a time he needed to assist him. Also came over after to see what his best lap was when we were reviewing the video. There wasn't one rep there that wasn't happy, upbeat or with a sense of humor that definitely made me smile. Made it very easy to know where you were supposed to be and when. I was deciding between Dream Racing and Exotics racing and 100% made the right choice. (The onboard video was huge for me so he could remember his experience - just youtube the onboard video between the 2 companies and the difference with quality and effort will have you pick this company every time. No comparison). Thanks so much guys, it was awesome and our spouses have talked about it to everyone for days!

09/12/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Damien

Very enjoyable experience and glad I gave it a go....... my only negative was it was over in a flash and I drove 3 different cars for 5 laps each and I did the drift ride along, which was also lots of fun, that lad could drive!!!!!
Well done and thanks for the experience, if I am ever back in Las Vegas I may pay another visit.
Perth, Western Australia

09/17/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Anthony

A fantastic well organised experience .... Staff were very friendly but not too pushy with the extras
I would suggest to anyone thinking of doing it to book more than 5 laps because you have to get used to the car and track

09/17/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Colin

It is a great experience and opportunity to drive great cars in safe and yet a fast track. The cars are very new and are the latest models of some of the best driving cars in the world!

09/16/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Sam

My mates back home in Australia have seen the video and pics on Facebook and Instagram - they have made many positive comments based on our experience .... Very cool indeed .....

09/15/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Balazs

I was going to leave this testimonial until I got back to England on Sunday but I am still buzzing from the experience this morning I thought I'd do it now.

My day was booked a long time ago to coincide with my wife and I travelling Route 66 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately the two cars I wanted to drive (Aston Martin Vantage and McLaren MP4 12C) were unavailable.

Exotics racing contacted me whilst we were travelling and alternative arrangements were made in that I was to drive 5 laps in the C7 Stingray, 6 laps in the Gallardo and 6 laps in the 458 Italia.

On arrival because of the excellent and friendly welcome I added an additional two laps for the C7. I also wanted to do 5 laps in the Cayman but unfortunately they were over subscribed.

The briefing was very light hearted but gave us all the vital information we would need. The sighting lap in the Cayman was over in a flash and then it was time to drive the cars!

My first instructor Barry was fairly new to instructing but gave me excellent advice in the C7 Stingray that would prove very useful when driving my next two cars. My second instructor, who I believe was named Kyle, again was excellent and tried in vain to get me to tame the Gallardo, which was the car I set my fastest lap in. And then I went out in the 458 Italia with Ben, what a star this man is! I should have set my fastest time in this car but unfortunately lost it exiting the hump but at least I was trying!

Quote of the day from Ben was 'Patience Jedi' which had me laughing my head off when we watched the video playback.

I cannot recommend this experience highly enough, it was one of the greatest days of my life even though yesterday morning we were flying over the Grand Canyon in a Eurocopter!

To all the staff at Exotics Racing please accept my heartfelt thanks for giving me a day I will remember for the rest of my life!

06/13/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Andrew

I had a lot of fun driving a car way beyond my means.

09/06/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Jackie, Iowa, United States

I really enjoyed driving at your track. I had previously driven at Dream Racing's inside track. I enjoyed your track better. I did end up going to Dream Racing again before I left Vegas. This time it was on their outside track. It was a pretty technical track, so not able to get the same speed as on your track. Both experiences were a lot of fun, but Exotics was more friendly. At Dream Racing, I got left behind in the lounge, since no one announced they were going to the technical briefing. Also, my adult daughter was with me at Dream Racing, and wasn't really welcomed or asked if she wanted to watch the experience. This totally turned me off their experience and when I am back in Vegas, I will definitely go to Exotics versus Dream Racing. Also, the video is much better at Exotics. You have the speed, lap time and the race course. The only thing that Dream Racing has is the front view. Will definitely recommend Exotics Racing!

09/13/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / John

Overall the experience was beyond exceptional! The Exotics Racing staff was very courteous and helpful and they definitely showed that they were having as good of a time as we were! The only negative thing is that it was over too quickly, we will definitely be coming back! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

08/28/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Kevin

I have dreamed of racing cars since I was a boy, and finally got to live that dream at Exotics Racing. I can't say enough about how amazing this experience was. I have now devoted every spare minute to planning my purchase of a car very similar to the one I drove at Exotics Racing so I can relive the excitement.

09/03/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Randy

The staff at Exotics Racing will go the extra mile to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

09/07/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Drew

I went to the track in Los Angeles and did 7 laps in the ferrari 458 Italia and it was better than I ever thought possible. My heart was racing and I was more nervous and excited than I've been in years! The instructions are straight forward and easy to understand. Instructors made sure I felt completely comfortable and went at my pace but encouraged improvement to make it even better. I'd recommend any car to anyone no matter age or gender. My fiance and I also rode in the z06 and both had a blast! I'll be back for sure!
-Drew McKellar

09/10/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / James

I did 7 laps in the Ferrari 430 and it was fantastic. My ride along instructor was fabulous. More laps are better, it takes time to get used to the car and the track.

09/08/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Gerry

My wife Rose and I travelled down the west coast on route 1(PCH) from San Francisco to Santa Monica and then across to Vegas. We left exotic racing until the end of our trip and I' m glad we did as it was without doubt the highlight of our trip, we will travel from Ireland to do it again to experience it again it is amazing and the crew are very friendly and professional!!!

08/23/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Erlend

Had one of the best times of my life! Such nice and friendly staff, Korre is a legend! It might seem like a sales-trick, but adding an extra lap or two is half the fun: finally being able to get that corner right, that gearing and that straight, pulling both yourself and your car to its' limits!
Tried the Nissan GTR, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lambo Superleggera, and Porsche 997 Turbo S. GTR is fast and convenient, but too much computerized for my taste. Lambo Is great in performance, but u have to be like 5 foot 5 to be able to fit properly in it (no joke lol). The 458 Italia was DA BOMB, best driving experience of my life, so pure and fine. All in all realizing my childhood dreams this day.

Cheers from Norway!
- Erlend Hamre

08/30/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / William, Pennsylvania, United States

Best $50 a minute I ever spent. What a rush, and this coming from a guy who did rodeo bullfighting.

09/06/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Curtis

Absolutely awesome

09/04/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / BRIAN

The staff and instructors were exceptional. It was an amazing experience. I look forward to my next opportunity to do it again. The driving instructor was able to push my limits further than I knew I was capable of. Exceptional experience.

09/03/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Caitlin

If you are in Vegas you have to come out and drive their cars. The experience is so worth it and you will never forget it. I had a blast and already want to go back!

08/30/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Andrew

Great day, will be back!

08/23/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Curtis, California, United States

Simply put "the experience was well worth the money."

08/31/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Andrew

I purchased two ride along gift certificates for my 15 year old son (two laps in the Corvette and two laps in the Gallardo). We took the family there to watch, and we all enjoyed being able to get up close and personal with all the exotics there. My son had an absolute BLAST! That smile was still glued to his face the next morning. The staff is very friendly and professional. Next time we go there, I'm booking a drive for myself.

09/01/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / FERNANDO

The best experience ever.
Worth every penny
It is all professional and I thank especially mr Michael Fini who was really helpful and kind to us.

08/30/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Karl

one word: fabulous!!!

08/29/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Lyle

Great experience. Will be back soon.

08/09/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Bruce

A great experience and a fabulous time. The instructors kept you on your toes at the wheel and explained every aspect of your performance. The experience met my expectations and I was able to improve my lap time by about 6 seconds and I was more than happy with my performance.

08/28/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Tim

A must do in vegas! I will be bringing more friends to experience exotic racing on my next trip.

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