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10/30/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Daniel

We had drivers Rudy for the corvette ride along and Buddy for the Lamborghini Aventador. These two guys were awesome!! The whole staff and experts were very helpful! It was a great experience!!!!

10/25/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Douglas

If you are interested in driving a high performance car, this is absolutely the way to go! The instructors will show you how to max out the performance of these cars in a very safe and controlled manner. I can not say enough good things about this program. It is everything they advertise and more!!

10/25/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Frank

The 991 GT3 is an awesome car. The speed it carries can fool you compared to my 2003 996 but it was so smoohh and fast...I wish I could have spent the whole day with it.

10/21/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Charles

Now that my nerves have settled, I'm ready to do it again.

10/27/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / dumar

The instrutor Maurício was attentive, friendly, polite and very good how instrutor.

10/22/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Daniel

Just one thing to share: You, a common guy like me (including ladies, cus my wife also did it :)) having the opportunity to accelerate a machine in a track race... Do it and let me know about your feelings. it's a dream coming true. And most important, with safe because the professionals instructors will provide you absolutely security on it while you having fun! i can't wait for my next time.
Daniel from Brazil

10/26/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / michael

Just an amazing time! everybody is so friendly and the place runs like a swiss watch! Its my 2nd time and it just gets better! The drivers and the cars are the best!

10/25/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Anthony

I got this experience as a gift for my 50th birthday from my friends and family who remembered my love of the Lamborghini Countach way back when we were in school together and how I always wanted to drive one. I finally got to drive a Lamborghini and it was Awesome! The Best Gift EVER! What a Fantastic experience! Mauricio made an already spectacular experience into a truly Breathtaking one!

10/25/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Steve

Definitely a top notch operation. Very well organized and my girlfriend and I had an outstanding time.

10/22/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Burke

My Dad wanted to do this for a bucket list event. I am proud to say that both of us were as giddy as a school child when we were finished. It was an awesome experience. Thank you to all of you for making my 70 year old father a happy man.

10/12/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Andreas

I had some experience with driving and has been into cars for years, this was something I just had to try. I read on the website and got the understanding that this was a great experience. Since this is only hiend experience car I thougth it would be a lot of limits to the driving on track. BUT I was wrong. This was an extreme experience. I got a brazillian instructor that puched me and the car to the limits. This is 100 times better then a lot of the other driving shools with exotic cars in europe. The are more afraid if the cars then to give you at good experience. I will recommend EXR to everyone!

10/26/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Steve

This is a "must do" experience. When, where, and how else will an average JOE be able to drive one of these cars they way the cars are meant to be driven.
Instructors were all professional and good at getting me on the fast lines.

10/25/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Eric

An absolute dream come true. They do a lot of up selling but it really not a bad thing. I got an extra car, the Cayman, but so many people got the same thing they upgraded it to the GT-R. I will be back with a lot of friends.

10/21/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Lisa, Montana, United States

If anyone is even considering this racing experience, book it now! The personnel work very hard to make everyone feel comfortable, safe and yet exhilarated at the same time -- this is a "not to miss" experience.

10/13/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Marcelo

Awesome experience! Highly recommended for everyone who likes supercars!

10/24/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Felipe

The cars are the best, you never could do in this Supercars in other place what you do here.

10/23/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Rob

Awesome experience with great cars. The instructors are phenomenal, will make you a better driver and get you to go fast ... 126 in the Huracan. Highly recommended, by far the best thing to do when you are in Vegas!!!

10/22/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Michael

I've riden bulls, raced motor cross, raced jetskis and this was hands down the most intense experience I've ever had, truly the experience of a lifetime!
Thank you Exotics Racing!

10/18/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Jeffry

There are no words to describe what you offer. This is something everyone needs to experience themselves!

10/19/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Adam, California, United States

My experience was AWESOME. Absolutely one of the coolest things I've done.
The host in the front, a dirty blondish girl with hair in a ponytail suggested I get the Porsche add on drive to get me used to the track. At first I thought it was an upsell, but after purchasing it, and after my experience with both cars was over, I told her that I STRONGLY suggest she continue to suggest to any customer to do the add on drive. I felt it really did get me used to the track and in driving like a race car driver which only helped when I moved to a faster, more powerful car.
My Porsche instructor, Mauricio "The Brazilian", was very friendly and wanted me to drive the car in its most capable way. He insisted I drive with the paddle shifters for the entire time (so glad I did), and trained me to understand the car and the course better than I ever could have imagined. I now know how to adjust my every day driving position because of him.
My Ferrari F430 driver, Greg/Gary, was fanTASTIC. He had so much passion for Ferraris and was excited and awesomely intense during my drive; really wanting me to USE and DRIVE the car like it should be driven. His instruction was impecable and after the initial great instruction from Mauricio, I felt by lap 4 and 5 of my experience that I could handle the car with confidence and gusto and without fear. I hugged the guy when I got out and couldn't stop smiling all day.
Both of these men were GREAT to work with and received $15/$20 tips from me. Cindy (I think her name was...really pretty with dark hair and glasses) was also a very sweet and personable staff member. Kevin had great enthusiasm for his general instruction class and gave us a good Discovery lap which was thrilling in itself.
Thank you!

10/16/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / David

My wife got me this for my birthday, and since we share a bank account, I was a little reluctant to do something that seemed so frivolous. She convinced me that this was something I always want to do, so I didn't cancel, contrary to my more fiscally reserved nature. I expected to have a fun experience that I would come away regretting having paid for. When I got there, however, I was greeted by a top-notch staff who made the whole experience feel truly special and unique. My wife and kids were also treated well and had a fun time and felt welcome, watching me go around the track and getting to see and even sit in the cars for themselves. The cars were outstanding! (I drove the Aston Martin Vantage, Lamborghini Superleggera, and Ferrari 458 Italia) I expected the instructors to give you a decent experience but not try anything too crazy, in protecting the cars. Instead, I felt like their main goal was to give you a true race track experience in cars that I could never have driven otherwise. The adrenaline was pumping the whole time, and sweat was building up on my forehead from the exhilaration of the experience, and I felt like I drove the cars as hard as possible without being out of control. The instructors sit next to you and coach you into pushing yourself, your skills, and your speed to the limits, but make sure you're safe while doing it. I have never had so much insane fun! (Beats skydiving, rock climbing, snowboarding, etc.). I hope to go back again and take others along to try it for themselves. I now believe a life has not truly been lived to its fullest until you have driven a Ferrari 458 Italia! If you can swing it (don't break the bank to do it, but worth saving up for), do it!

10/19/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Andrea

This was an amazing experience! I was nervous going into it but the instructors quickly took away any fear I had. I was fully trained on what to expect and how to handle the car. They're a great bunch of people and I will DEFINITELY be doing this again!

10/17/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Scott, Oregon, United States

I only wish I could do this every week. Its probably a good thing I don't live there, I'd be broke.

10/19/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Bobby

Easily the second best experience in Vegas, worth every penny, tons on fun!!!!!

10/17/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Gary

Great day. Everything was excellent and would definitely recommend it

10/17/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Dave, Oregon, United States

One of the friendliest, most professional outfits I have ever experienced. The only suggestion I have is a sound proof room for the classroom portion.

10/15/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Gibson

I paid a lot of money and travelled a long way to experience this. I have to say that I am very satisfied with the experience. I have some racing experience, but was a bit rusty from a lack of time and practice for this passion. The track is technical enough, and fast enough for these cars, so your skills are going to be tested. If you are able to show the instructors that you know what you are doing, they will not hesitate to teach you how to go faster, how to properly push the car as close to its limits as short, these are hard core racers, who are not afraid to show you how to properly drive these cars. As long as you know what you are doing, they will not hold you back, and in some cases, even encourage you to go faster...I love it!

10/19/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Los Angeles / Chuck

I've had previous racing school experience and your instructors were right up there with the best of them! Highly recommend both the cars and instructors!

10/05/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / William

Everything flowed smoothly and made sense. You guys have it down! I have already told several people how much fun it was.

10/19/2014 / Exotics Racing Road Course - Las Vegas / Sanford

One of our greatest experiences in Las Vegas.

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