The EXR LV02 Racecar

The EXR LV02 is a driver’s machine. The lightweight, rear-wheel drive racing car offers a rewarding driving experience that is fun to drive all the way to the edge

Professional drivers Romain Thievin and Alexandre Premat have both put the car through its paces and they agree the car is excellent for drivers of all levels. For new competitors, the car offers the incredible opportunity to realize a childhood dream of becoming a real race car driver, while professionals will enjoy the experience of challenging the limits in this purpose-built racing machine. read more >

“The EXR LV02 is a car that rewards great driving,” said Thievin, who put the car on the podium in his first race with it. “It is forgiving enough for beginning drivers and will also grow with them as their skills improve through coaching, our racing school and racing experience. It doesn’t take long to develop a real sense of confidence in the car. Professional drivers will take to it immediately.”

On its face, the LV02 is a great looking machine. Its tube-frame chassis is dressed in a sedan style body, with several sexy touring car inspired looks available now, and more designs to come in the future.

Inside the spacious interior, the quality of the construction is evident in the details. The FIA certified racing seat is ideally situated to maximize visibility and feel every movement of the car. The steering wheel and seat are fully adjustable to provide a perfect fit for drivers of all sizes.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a professional, you’re going to have fun with the LV02,” said Thievin. “We chose it for the EXR Racing Series because it’s everything you want in a race car.”

An enviable power-to-weight ratio means the car feels light and responsive to late braking and hard acceleration out of corners. Its front-engine configuration puts most of the weight up front, giving the EXR LV02 a playful feel that edges toward oversteer, while still being easy to control. Its six-speed sequential SADEV transmission delivers the power when it’s needed, with a safety system to keep it from over-revving on the downshifts.

A digital dashboard provides access to all the necessary vehicle information, while an onboard timekeeping system helps drivers track lap times and position. Video and data acquisition are also available as training tools.

“Drivers are going to appreciate having all the information they want right there on the dash,” said Premat. “And being able to review data and video after each session will make them faster every time they get behind the wheel.”

The next evolution of Europe’s popular Mitjet 2L, the EXR LV02 is race proven. It is now available in the United States exclusively to drivers in the EXR Racing Series.

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EXR Racing Series LV02 Main
  • 150 MPH
  • 230 HP
  • 4.0 S s
  • 80,000 $

The EXR LV02 is a driver’s machine. The lightweight, rear-wheel drive racing car offers a rewarding driving experience that is fun all the way to the limit -- for novices and experts alike. The successor to Europe’s popular Mitjet 2L, the EXR LV02 is raced exclusively by the EXR Racing Series in Sprint, Endurance races & Time Attack competitions in the United States.

  • Lapping sessions in the EXR LV02 are available by 15-minute increments
  • Depending on your racing skills, actual laps driven will vary by driver
  • An average of 12 to 14 laps will be accomplished within a 15-minute session

Tips From A Pro

"This is a race car that delivers the whole package. It looks great, it is powerful and lightweight, and it is predictable all the way to the limit. The EXR LV02 is the kind of car that you can’t wait to drive – again and again.”


This car is available at:
lvms fronticon     Exotics Racing Auto Club Speedway    



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The world’s largest fleet of exotic cars with over 50 cars and 19 models to choose from including the hottest cars by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Corvette, Audi, and Mercedes. All cars are equipped with paddle shifters to accommodate all skill levels and on board dash cameras to capture every moment of your Exotics Racing experience.


"The EXR LV02 is an incredible racecar. It’s got amazing power-to-weight ratio and it is incredibly fun to drive. It looks and feels like a mini DTM car. Whether you are new to racing or you are a pro; you’re going to find no shortage of thrills in this car” Alex Premat

» 230 horsepower at 7,500 RPM

» 1,800 lbs (815 kg)

» Tork Engineering high-strength tube-frame steel chassis

» Tork Engineering locking differential

» Fiberglass, two-door sports sedan fiber glass body kit

» Renault 2L, 16-valve, four-cylinder engine. Inline configuration.

» Front engine, rear-wheel drive

» Six-speed sequential Sadev gearbox with paddle shift. Single-plate Renault clutch

» Yokohama Advan semi-slick 255/45/R18

» 20 gallon (75 L) fuel capacity

» Brembo 328 mm ventilated discs with four-piston brake calipers (front); Brembo ventilated discs with two-piston brake calipers (rear)

» Perfect driving position, Adjustable FIA racing seat; Sabelt six-point harness; oreca sports steering wheel; XAP Electronics next-generation color SX-DASH display

» Onboard video system with AIM data acquisition integration.

» Lightweight Team Dynamics motorsport 18”

» Height 51” / Width 71” / Length 162”

8 Reviews

Over 220,000 Happy Customers! We've become a top rated racing attraction in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. See what others have to say about their exciting driving experience at Exotics Racing.

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lvms fronticon

June 2, 2017

Best time I have had in Vegas! Driving a Super Car on track was a great experience. I cant wait to do it again! Long with driving the Super Cars I also took out one of the Race Cars, OMG that was some awesome that I dont even have words to describe it.
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May 24, 2017

After 10 years of motorcycle roadracing I tried car racing for the first time in the EXR LV02. Dayumm sonn get IN! Loved it. I need one
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lvms fronticon

May 18, 2017

Since 2011 Once a year I went to Exotics Racing Las Vegas to have great fun. The Exotic cars collection always updated. Booking process was always smooth. The Instructors were great, they let me drive the cars to the car traction control limit. Last April I booked the EXR LV2 race car for 12 laps. It was a great fun and experience with it. So I booked for 12 laps again on the spot right away. Race car means no traction control!!. I will book it again next time.
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lvms fronticon

May 16, 2017

I can't think of any improvements to make. Our experience was amazing! We had great instructors who were great communicators on and off the course. We got a great test ride and behind the wheel experience. It was truly an amazing "bucket list" experience.
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lvms fronticon

December 13, 2016

A well oiled machine! 3rd trip in a year I could not be happier. *** was my mentor pushing me to squeeze all of the performance possible from the EXR racer. I have been to 4 day racing schools in the past this place is not just get out there and abuse the car it is a learning experience. If I could give them 10 star that would not be enough to describe their level of service. Not just the instructors even the live chat crew is top notch!!! Will absolutely be back. Thanks again for the total experience!!!! ***
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November 15, 2016

Very professional organization, first class in all respects. *** was a great host and we truly appreciate his assistance. *** was an excellent instructor. They both were a pleasure to be with.
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October 27, 2016

I can't say enough great things about the "Introduction to Racing" experience at Exotics Racing. We scheduled and placed our order online without a hitch, and despite bad traffic and an unexpected rain storm, my instructor was there to greet me with a smile when we arrived. The staff was courteous, helpful, and fun to be around. My instructor was outstanding; he was attentive, encouraging, and taught me an incredible amount in a short time. Although bad weather interrupted my session, the team at Exotics Racing worked with me to ensure I was able to complete the course on a timeline convenient for me, and they even went the extra mile and threw in an additional perk just to make sure I was satisfied. The course itself is a dream for anyone who has ever wanted to know what it feels like to drive a real race car and push it to its limits. The combination of instruction, practice, driving, coaching, and analysis strike a near perfect balance. I opted for a drifting session at the end of the class, and I highly recommend it as well. It's a great way to unwind and experience something different after the intense lap sessions. I can say without a doubt that my experience with Exotics Racing was worth every penny and more. I'm looking forward to moving on to the intermediate course. Thanks team for the best birthday gift of my life!
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August 15, 2016

Drove the EXR LV02. All over great experience. Great car, great time, great coaching, VIP treatment with the coach, private session was all over great. Recommend to everyone looking to have a great time and great experience.
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Our team of racing hosts will guide you through the entire experience

Arrival And Registration
Arrival and registration 15 min
We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your driving session, be sure to have your valid driver's license as well. Once you're checked-in feel free to visit the pitlane to take pictures or relax in the lounge area until your classroom session begins. We provide complimentary transportation from and to the Las Vegas Strip.
Technical Briefing
Racing briefing 30 min
Learn the most efficient techniques for driving on our racetrack. The interactive technical briefing will introduce you to our track and proper driving procedures. Later you will be paired with an instructor who will help you get the most out of your driving experience while remaining safe.
Discovery Lap
Discovery lap 30 min
Ride as a passenger in a Porsche Cayenne to get a preview of our racetrack. The Discovery Laps are driven at moderate speed in order to explain each braking zone, apex, and acceleration zone. This allows you to become familiar with the racetrack as well as how your body will react to the turns.
Driving Experience
Racing experience from 12 to 96 laps
After you put on your racing gear, get behind the wheel of our powerful EXR LV02 on a racetrack! Your personal racing instructor will help you get the absolute most out of your racing experience while keeping you and the other drivers safe. This portion of the experience will vary in time depending on how many laps you are doing. If applicable, the EXR LV02 ride-along will occur after you finish driving.
Check Out
Time Attack & Check out 30 min
Your fastest lap will be added to the EXR Time Attack leaderboard and will give you a chance to qualify for the Finals! Timing is also available online if you want check your position. You may choose to purchase the on-board video from your racing experience. The on-board video captures you in the driver's seat, track position; display your speed, top speed, and your fastest lap time.
DRIVER GEARThe complete racing gear is provided on track.
Every driver must wear adequate racing gear including racing suit, shoes, gloves and helmet.Racing helmet is mandatory as well. All the equipment will be provided if you are not able to bring your own.
DRIVER LICENSE Driver's license from any state or country required. Must be 18+.
Your driver’s license can be issued from any state or country. Drivers must be at least 18 years old. Ride-along passengers must be tall enough to safely sit in the passenger seat of the car while properly wearing the car’s standard seatbelt.
INSURANCE Insurance is included with a $5,000 crash clause.
The insurance is included with a $5,000 crash clause. Every driver is responsible for his damage and repair. If you want to drive with no instructor in the car, we will require a deposit of $3,000 before your session.Zero Tolerance: we strictly prohibit the influence of drugs or alcohol at our tracks.
Data Analysis
VIDEO AND DATA ANALYSIS Analyze your racing skills with on-board video and data.
You will improve your skills and performance with lapping sessions and extended debriefs, using telemetry/data and onboard video review with our first-class coaches.
Racing Simulator
DRIVING SIMULATOR AND BATAK Improve your racing skills with the best equipment.
Along your lapping sessions, you will challenge your vision and reaction time on our Batak-Pro machine, and get to run our brand-new professional simulator.
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